Idle Game on the Ethereum Classic blосkсhаin

Grow tomatoes and sell seeds for ETC

How to play?

? Tomatoes

Producing ? seeds per 4 hours

(? seeds per 1 hour)

0 seeds

(? until )

Real Time Seeds Value Monitor

0 seeds would sell for 0.0 etc

When you sell your seeds, one third of your Tomatoes will die so sell wisely!


? seeds for

(NOTE: this is the default value. Adjust this number up or down to buy different amount of seeds)

How to play

The more tomatoes you have, the more seeds you can produce. Then these seeds can be sold on the built-in exchange for ETC. To start playing you have to buy seeds, and produce from these seeds tomatoes. The minimum cost is 0.01 ETC.


  • You bought 100 seeds for 0.01 ETC.
  • Then press "Make Tomatoes." You'll get 100 tomatoes at once. And 100 seeds in 4 hours.
  • Then you again press "Make tomatoes" and after 4 hours the amount of your seeds will be 200. In 8 hours you double the number of seeds.
  • You can sell these seeds for ETC or continue to increase the number of seeds.

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Powered by Saturn Wallet

This game requires Saturn Wallet. Saturn is an analogue of Metamask for ETH


Earn 20% the number of all seeds made into tomatoes by anyone who starts playing using your link: ?